AC/DC Course

If you are a forward-thinking police practitioner or academic who wants to learn how to police in the most effective and efficient manner while also reducing harm to the community, ASEBP’s Applied Criminology and Data Management Course (AC/DC) is right for you!

Our course covers evidence-based approaches to common police problems, advanced statistical methods, applied criminology, theories of human behavior, mental models of policing, and research methods. It is intended to build students' critical thinking skills around data, science, and analysis to drive evidence-based approaches to problem-solving. If you want to be a leader in policing, understanding how to interpret data to measure your agency’s level of social harm and racial disparity is imperative.

Our first four-week course is currently underway! It began in the summer of 2022 and will end in late summer of 2023. Police practitioners and academics from the first cohort (see below!) have paired up and are currently working to co-produce research and evidence-based solutions for the practitioner’s agency. 

2022-2023 Cohort

Sgt. Kimberly Alan, Capt. Johnathan Amey, Lt. Matthew Barter, Crime Analysis Supervisor Ross Brummett, Data Administration Analyst Matthew Carlisle, Major Irick Geary, Sgt. Anthony Gibson, Senior Data Analyst Dannelle Goldberg, Data Manager Leigh Grossman, Capt. Andrew Jashinske, Lt. Larry Krauss, Criminal Justice Administrator Latisha McNeil, Lt. Jennifer Mitsch, Capt. Scott Mourtgos, Sgt. Kellie Renfro, Lt. Kelly Robbins, Capt. Antonio Sajor, and Analytical Services Manager Jason Schiess

Dr. Sherah Basham, Dr. Jon Bottema, Bradley O'Guinn, Detective Chase Wetherington, Dr. Codie Place, Dr. David Rozek, Dr. Elias Nader, Dr. Eric Dlugolenski, Gabrielle O'Keefe, Dr. Kathleen Padilla, Dr. Lauren Moton, Linda Phiri, Dr. Logan Kennedy, Dr. Rylan Simpson, and Dr. Susan Hilal

Dr. Paige Vaughn (Spring Hill College) is the course evaluator.