AC/DC Course

In 2022, we brought together forward-thinking police practitioners and academics who wanted to learn how policing can be made more effective, more efficient, and more satisfactory. We encourage you to check out all of the research conducted by ASEBP’s first Applied Criminology and Data Management Course (AC/DC) cohort!

Police practitioners and academics from the first cohort (see below!) paired up and worked to co-produce research and evidence-based solutions for the practitioner’s agency. Click on the names below to explore their projects!

Lt. Matthew Barter and Dr. Jon Bottema - Crime Gun Intelligence Impact on Clearance Rates

Examines how crime gun intelligence impacts case clearance

Data Administration Analyst Matthew Carlisle and Dr. Codie Place - Why Words Matter 

Tests an evidence-based linguistic specific training curriculum developed through a systematic literature review to further verify the validity of this training and determine if it “translates” into law enforcement

Dr. Kathleen Padilla and Sgt. Kellie Renfro - Recruitment and Retention of Female Officers

Examines why female officers stay and leave their policing jobs to provide policy-relevant recommendations to increase the recruitment, promotion, and retention of female police officers

Dr. Sherah Basham and Lt. Jennifer Mitsch - Real Time Crime Centers
Utilizes official data from a city's Real Time Crime Center to understand the operations of the RTCC over a multiple-year period

Crime Analysis Supervisor Ross Brummett and Detective Chase Wetherington

Surveys people who have overdosed on fentanyl within the past 24-hours to gain better understanding of their needs and awareness of drug availability and lethality

Dr. Logan Kennedy and Analytical Services Manager Jason Schiess

Employs RTM to identify the environmental features of high-risk areas relating to prominent crime types within the city and examine the impact of risk-based policing on street robberies

Criminal Justice Administrator Latisha McNeil and Dr. Susan Hilal - What factors contribute to officers wanting to stay long-term?

Identifies factors that contribute to officers’ intention to stay with their police department

Dr. Linda Phiri and Sgt. Kimberly Alan - Examining the Relationship between Recruitment Characteristics and Retention

Examines recruitment characteristics and their relationships to officer retention

Lauren Moton and Capt. Johnathan Amey - Perceptions of Organizational Fairness

Examines law enforcement personnel’s perceptions of organizational fairness and their likelihood to seek promotion

Dr. Rylan Simpson and Data Manager Dr. Leigh Grossman - A Comparison of Patrol Officer Output by Single- Versus Double-Crewed Status
Compares patrol officer output by single- versus double-crewed status

More briefs coming soon!! (By Major Irick Geary, Sgt. Anthony Gibson, Senior Data Analyst Dannelle Goldberg, Capt. Andrew Jashinske, Capt. Scott Mourtgos, Lt. Kelly Robbins, Bradley O'Guinn, Dr. Brandon Tregle, Dr. David Rozek, Dr. Elias Nader, Dr. Eric Dlugolenski, and Dr. Gabrielle O'Keefe)

Dr. Paige Vaughn (Spring Hill College) is the course evaluator.