Our organization supports

evidence-based policing.

We believe that research is

essential to promoting effective

and trustworthy policing.

Over the past 30 years, the crime rate in the United States has declined to historic lows. Police departments have continued to develop and implement strategies and tactics designed to continue this trend. Despite reductions in crime, however, trust and confidence in police has reached historic lows in many communities around this nation. Too often, police officers are viewed with distrust in the very places that need public safety the most.

We believe it is time that the policing profession begins to incorporate research findings into every decision that is made. With evidence-based policing, police organizations can develop effective strategies that reduce crime and disorder while also promoting trust and confidence of the public we serve. 

We need to know what works so that we can promote community safety in the most effective way. We also need to examine ourselves to identify those strategies that have been proven ineffective by research to ensure that we are being the best public stewards possible.

We are police practitioners and researchers who are advocating for effective change.

We are the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing.

For Policing Professionals
Police officers have a level of experience that cannot be underestimated but we cannot go it alone. Help us combine your skills with those of our research partners to have a voice at the table.

For Researchers
Researchers dedicate their lives to the understanding of crime and disorder yet struggle to impact the strategic decisions of police agencies throughout the country. Join us in combining our voices to advocate for the adoption of evidence-based practices and to increase knowledge generation in policing.

For Policymakers
Policymakers have a fundamental responsibility to ensure that they legislate from a position of knowledge. By combing with our partners, we can ensure that only strategies with a strong evidence-base of support are advanced.

For Our Communities
To build a sustainable relationship, policing professionals need to work collaboratively with our community members. This requires transparency, inclusion, and the ability to have a voice. We invite community members to partner with us as we shape the future of policing.

It is Time to Advance Policing
Time to allow working police officers a voice in setting the direction of our profession. Time to partner with researchers to spread useful knowledge and learn more about policing. Time to ensure that policy is based upon evidence of what works best, not just tradition. It is time for change -- are you ready?