Stats Snacks with ASEBP

Welcome to StatSnacks with ASEBP. These short, "snack-size" videos will provide instruction on the concepts behind, and how to apply/perform, basic statistical tests and data analyses that are commonly used in policy development and evaluation in policing. ASEBP's Applied Criminology and Data Management Course taught these concepts and applications to students, who used them in their own research projects. The basics are explained in the lecture videos, and the formulas and application of these concepts is illustrated in R and Microsoft Excel. More advanced information is located on the chapter pages, where formulas, concepts, and examples of statistical concepts are explained. 

Intro and Variables 
Data Structures 
Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
Sampling Distributions and Confidence Intervals 
Hypothesis Testing Part I
Hypothesis Testing Part II
ANOVA and F-Tests
Covariance and Correlation 
Linear Regression