1 thought on “Is there any evidence concerning the Warrior/Guardian debate in policing?”

  1. I instructed both patrol tactics and police officer role and authority for a number of years at a regional academy in North Jersey and I emphasized a warrior code that embraced all of the attributes of the guardian but emphasized the need to do violence when necessary. I don’t believe that there is a difference between warriors and guardians in the true sense of each word. The most tactically adept cops i worked with were usually the least likely to use excessive force or unnecessary force. I believe that the guardian v. warrior debate is more semantics than actual mindset. There is always going to be tackleberrys on one extreme and hose mouses on the other, we don’t have a good way of weeding them out, but most problems result from inadequate training and poor leadership. I thank God fro the warriors that I worked with despite the deficiencies in my organization. Without them, I wouldn’t have made retirement. Maybe it’s just a Jersey thing, but I don’t think so.

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