3 thoughts to “Does Workplace Stress Make Cops More Dangerous?”

  1. This study does identify factors that I think most cops who have worked shifts would agree with. Just a thought about different outcomes from different shifts; the interactions you have with the public and your supervisors vary greatly from the day shift to evening and midnights, and that can influence an officer’s actions. I know I often operated differently.

  2. Also, in our study of shift length also in the Journal of Experimental Criminology (Amendola, et al., 2011), we found that the length of the shift assigned had some impact on fatigue, via more sleep achieved by those on 10 hour shifts. We also found increased fatigue for those on 12-hour shifts, as well as decreased alertness on the job. For more information, see: https://www.policefoundation.org/publication/shift-length-experiment/

  3. The study indicates that day shift, and older, more mature officers are more successful ending scenarios cooperatively. Does the study take into account that day shift officers and older, more mature officers could be one in the same? At least that’s where most of our older officers work – on day shift.

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