Conference 2019! Join Us in Cincinnati!

Are you passionate about public safety? Do you want to learn the latest research in policing? Join us at the 2019 American Society of Evidence-Based Policing Conference!

This two-day boutique conference is designed to allow intimate access for police practitioners, leading criminology researchers, crime analysts, criminal justice policy advocates, and vendors to learn and grow their understanding of evidence-based policing, network with police professionals from around the world and receive expert insights on the evolution of policing from prominent and decorated keynote speakers.

With participants from around the globe, attendees will discover cutting-edge evidence-based policing research and strategies to reduce crime and disorder, and maintain the trust, confidence and support of the communities we serve.

Conference presentations and workshop topics include:

  • Implementation of evidence-based practices at the organizational level
  • Use-of-force decision making
  • Critical insights on women in policing
  • Updates on the fentanyl risk
  • How to combine crime and intel analysis into evidence-based policing
  • An in-depth overview of Cincinnati PD’s PIVOT program

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