Disclaimer: ASEBP Blog Series is a platform created for third parties to contribute to discourse as it relates to evidence-based policing. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the creator and do not necessarily represent the views, thoughts, and opinions of The American Society of Evidence-Based Policing (ASEBP). 
04/07/2021 - Can Coaching be Beneficial in Policing?
  • Dr. Obed Magny
  • This blog covers some of the benefits that we could see if we utilize coaching in policing
02/04/2021 - Things That are Important in This Moment
  • Karen T. Jackson, Ph.D
  • This blog addresses important things to consider in the aftermath of high-profile officer involved shootings 
01/05/2021 - Evidence-Based Investigative Interviewing
  • Dr Stephen Moston (Forensii) 
  • This blog establishes the importance of using evidence-based methods when conducting police interviews 
12/08/2020 - Incorporating Evidence-Based Approaches in Policing Practice11/10/2020 - On Community Policing for Crisis Intervention11/03/2020 - Three African-American Police Leaders: Why We Walked from Selma to Montgomery After the Police Killing of George Floyd
  • Deputy Chief Tarrick McGuire, Officer Obed Magny, Deputy Chief Shon Barnes
  • This blog presents thoughts and reflections on history, police violence, policing and race, and evidence-based policing in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd
09/30/2020 - Being the Best Police Leader
  • Lt. Mike Thomas 
  • This blog explores how to become a great police leader by forming meaningful relationships with people 
09/30/2020 - Evidence-Based Policing: Bridging the Gap Between Policing and the Ivory Tower
  • Developed from talking points delivered by an author at an NIJ roundtable session
  • This blog presents thoughts and strategies for academics to successfully reach practitioners and make an impact with research and findings
09/30/2020 - In Good Times and In Bad: Candidate Recruitment and Incentives to Join Policing
  • This blog highlights recruitment strategies and incentives for departments to recruit quality officers
09/30/2020 - Science Matters: Utilizing Evidence-Based Practices
  • Sgt. Nicole Powell
  • This blog presents benefits and challenges, as well as some success stories, of using evidence-based approaches in policing
09/30/2020 - The Voices of Our Future: Criminology Student Perspectives on Evidence-Based Policy
  • Heather Prince
  • This blog presents current students' thoughts on evidence-based policing and the future of policing 
09/30/2020 - Thoughts on Use of Force
  • Captain Ashley Heiberger (Ret.) 
  • This blog highlights use of force and situations where force needs to be used responsibly, as well as use of force legality issues 
06/07/2020 -  A Statement From The ASEBP Board
  • ASEBP Board 
  • ASEBP gives a formal statement in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd and the importance of using evidence-based approaches in policing
05/12/2020 - Public Health and Policing
  • Wendy H. Stiver
  • This blog covers ides about public health and policing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic
04/07/2020 - What COVID-19 Can Teach Us About the Importance of Evidence-Based Policing?
  • Dr. Obed Magny
  • This blog presents challenges and evidence-based solutions that policing has faced due to COVID-19