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Psychological Trauma Risk Management in the UK Police Service - You must be logged in to view this content.
Some Thoughts on Force - The authority to use force is one of the most significant aspects of policing. As I continue to learn about force, I’ve seen an incredible change in how much attention our society pays to it. In August 2014, there was a controversial officer-involved shooting in a small town in Missouri called Ferguson. Officer Darren Wilson […]
Reconsidering the Relationship Between Black Citizens and the Police - You must be logged in to view this content.
What Does it Take to be the Best Police Leader? - What does it take to be the best police leader? I don’t know, and I would be suspicious of anyone who claims that they have all of the answers. Leadership is a journey that everyone navigates slightly differently. I am writing this blog to show you how I used research to be more effective as […]